Important Notices

      Date Subject
12/08/2022 US Equity - Reverse Stock Split Action
04/08/2022 UTRADE Maintenance on 06 Aug 2022
01/08/2022 Revision of US Marginable Securities
21/07/2022 SGX Long-Dated Orders will be purged on 30 Jul 2022
20/07/2022 List of Tradeable US Stocks for Online Trading
28/06/2022 End of Free SGX Market Depth Promotion
22/06/2022 Online Account Opening Maintenance
09/05/2022 SGX Shares revision
08/04/2022 Best Execution Policy
28/03/2022 Cyber Security Advisory
21/03/2022 List of Tradeable US ETFs
21/03/2022 List of Leveraged ETFs on US Markets
08/03/2022 Start of Daylight Saving Time for Toronto, London and US Markets
04/03/2022 Trading Advisory in Russia-Related Securities
02/03/2022 List of CA Tradeable Stocks
28/02/2022 New UTRADE is coming
17/02/2022 SGX SPACs Features & FAQ
15/02/2022 Trading Restrictions and Stock Classification
27/01/2022 Security Advisory
14/01/2022 SGX ETF Trading Enhancements Effective 17 Jan 2022
07/01/2022 Change in US FINRA Trading Activity Fee, effective on 01 Jan 2022
06/01/2022 Non-Trading Days for Year 2022
01/12/2021 Expiry of UTRADE Rewards Points on 31 Dec 2021
15/11/2021 W-8BEN Form for Trading and Holding of US shares
08/11/2021 Revision of SGX Marginable Securities
01/11/2021 End of Daylight Saving Time for Canada, UK and US Markets
01/10/2021 UTRADE Enhancement on Forgot Password / ID and Unlock Account
23/09/2021 US OTC Trading Restriction
18/08/2021 Re-opening of Counter Services
28/07/2021 Change in HK Market Stamp Duty
06/07/2021 List of Tradeable UK Stocks for Online Trading
25/06/2021 Revision of US Marginable Securities
31/05/2021 Selling Off Rights Entitlement in CPF/SRS Investment Account
10/05/2021 US Trading on Selected China Counters
20/04/2021 MAS and SGX: Beware of risks related to trading incited by online discussions
29/01/2021 Trading in US Equities Important!
23/09/2020 Selling of shares after Corporate Action Events
03/04/2020 Leveraged ETFs On US Markets
19/03/2020 US Market Wide Circuit Breaker (MWCB) Level Thresholds
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