Important Notices

      Date Subject
15/07/2019 Corporate Action for US market
10/07/2019 List of Tradeable US Stocks for Online Trading (with current market capitalisation greater than US$1billion)NEW
09/07/2019 Restricted Stocks for Online Trading (SGX, HK, US, HK-SSE/SZSE)
02/07/2019 Non-Trading Days
06/06/2019 E-Contract Issue for US Trades Executed on 31 May 2019
27/05/2019 SGX to launch "Trade at Close" session on 3 June 2019NEW
27/05/2019 Purging of Long-Dated Orders by SGX on 1 June 2019 Please Read
16/04/2019 Latest version of UTRADE Mobile App
11/02/2019 Corporate Action for SG market
23/08/2018 Security Alert!
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