31 May 2021

Selling Off Rights Entitlement in CPF/SRS Investment Account

If you are entitled to Rights Issue in your CPF or SRS investment account and wish to sell them off, please note on the following:

a. Make sure your CPF/SRS investment account number is updated with us
b. Select "Cash" under Payment for your sell order
c. Once the trade is executed, inform your Trading Representative immediately to amendment the trade to "CPF" or "SRS" on the same day before 5.15pm

If there is no instruction given to your Trading Representative by the cut-off time on Trade Date (by 5.15pm), the sell trade will not be settled via your CPF/SRS investment account.
This will be constituted as "Short Selling" and subjected to SGX buying-in and penalties fees. Any losses and fees will be held accountable to your account.

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