14 Jan 2022

SGX ETF Trading Enhancements Effective 17 Jan 2022

Effective 17 Jan 2022, the board lot size of all SGX-listed ETFs will be reduced to 1 unit and the standard +/- 30 tick range above/below the last reference price for limit orders will be revised to +/-10% above/below the last reference price. For more details, kindly refer to SGX website.

With the standardization of board lot to 1,all ETF instruments will only no longer be listed for trading in the Unit Share Market.

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Long-dated orders (e.g. GTM, GTD) for all ETF will be purged in SGX system on this Saturday, 15 Jan 2022 and shown as “Expired” on Monday, 17 Jan 2022. Kindly check your order book before you resubmit your new order

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