15 May 2019

Market Closure for Singapore and Malaysia


In observance of Vesak Day and Nuzul Al-Quran, please be advised that the Singapore and Malaysia market will operate as per the schedule below.


Stock Exchange

20 May 2019 (Mon)

21 May 2019 (Tue)

22 May 2019 (Wed)

 SGX Closed Open Open
 Bursa Malaysia Closed Open Closed
Note: Orders submitted after market close on 17 May 2019 (Fri) for both Singapore and Malaysia market and 21 May 2019 (Tue) for Malaysia market will be shown as “Pending” in UTRADE and sent to the Exchange on the next trading day. It is advisable to check the status of your orders from time to time, especially if you have submitted overnight orders as they are subject to trading limit check on the next trading day.
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