Apply for a Brokerage Account

Open a trading account with Singapore's largest stockbroker today! 

Please note that the Online Account Opening form is only applicable to:

- Individual Securities Trading Account
- Contract for Difference (CFD)
- Leveraged Products (Foreign Exchange, Indices, Commodities)
- Bondblox

Successful new clients who have applied for the above account(s) will receive their login details via email.

If you are applying for other accounts, please submit your application forms via PDF or post them to us. You may ask for a complete set of forms by emailing to with the account type and your address (email/post).

Supported browsers to access our Online Account Opening form are as follows:
- Google Chrome (Version 87.0.4280.141 and above)
- Mozilla Firefox (Version 84.0 and above)
- Microsoft Edge (Version 87.0.664.41 and above)

Please prepare the following documents to open a trading account.

  Citizenship     Required Documents

  - Identity Card (Pink)
  - Supporting documents*

 Singapore Permanent  Residents

  - Identity Card (Blue)
  - Supporting documents*


  - Valid Passport
  - Work Permit / Employment Pass (where applicable)
  - Proof of Residential Address (Within the last 3 months)
  - Supporting documents*

 *Supporting documents

  - Latest Income document (eg, Pay Slip, IR8A)
  - Latest 3 Months Bank Statement
  - Bank account information if you apply for GIRO/EPS
  - CDP account number (for Individuals^)
  - CPF Investment Account (optional)
  - Taxpayer Identification Number Details

^ Clients (locals and foreigners) who do not have an Individual CDP Securities account will need to open via SGX online before opening a trading account at UOB Kay Hian.